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Choose from a whole range of Applications that includes Sugar CRM, OpenEMM, vTiger CRM, ProjectPier Project Management, Dimdim Web Conferencing, Moodle, KnowledgeTree and many more packaged in a virtual appliance format. One of the Blue Cloud SaaS cloud advantages is that you can manage your Applications with less complexity using our proven tools and methodologies – successfully meeting regulatory compliance challenges is an added benefit. Fastest connectivity in Oman: With 3 Gbps of current network capacity, we can satisfy even the largest demands for data throughput and with huge amounts of dark fibre in the ground waiting to be lit up, we have enough future capacity to last a lifetime. The benefits of SaaS cloud providers at Blue Cloud are faster time-to-value which can be deployed rapidly and with lowered upfront costs and reduced risk as our infrastructure is secure and ready to use.

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What is SaaS cloud: Software as a service (SAAS) is a licensing model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis. The SaaS cloud provided by Blue Cloud is user-friendly, and it allows internet access to popular commercial software. One of the SaaS cloud benefits is that since applications are centralized, software upgrades, patches, security, etc. are handled by the service provider or client. SaaS model is widely used by businesses for the purposes of e-mail, helpdesk/support services, logistics tracking, monitoring progress in sales and marketing domains, financial management, customer relationship management, etc. SaaS can be a viable option for SMEs looking to maximize business value with minimal IT budgets. SaaS cloud companies cannot endure any downtime. So is with our SaaS cloud hosting Economies of scale and configurability built into the SaaS architecture model of Blue Cloud.

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