HMS | Advance Hospital Management System

Modules Of Hospital Automanager

HMS is being designed according to the requirements of separate hospitals. There would be some common module, we have analyzed and have integrated the most features in Hospital Automanager

Administrative Modules:

The administrative module has been designed for a hospital owner or the person who is accountable to operate the entire hospital smoothly. So this module contains every department that a manager should have access to. Like all departments, Doctors portal, Patient Portal, Schedule – Appointment – Prescription Management, Human Resource, Bed management, Employee, Accounts, Software Setting, Role Assigning, etc almost every important feature.

Doctor Modules:

In a hospital doctor is the key person to ensure healthy patient care. Medical software permits a doctor to access all important functions that belong to him/her. As a result, he/she can maintain patient portal, appointment scheduling & maintaining, prescription making, and any other related hospital activities.

Accountants Modules:

Accountants are responsible to control monetary flow & profit, loss calculation. As patients are considered as the main earning source so this module has access permission to the patient portal. Besides, the Accountant module also has the access account creation option, like debit or credit account based on expense and earning, employee name, and billing. A-Z clinic management system for technical or non-technical people.

Laboratorist Modules:

Laboratorist module has been designed to manage all activities of the different laboratories. Admin can create different departments based on various laboratory sections. Such as the Pathology department, X-ray department, etc. Admin can also permit the lab resource person as a laboratorist as he/she can manage all activities smoothly. Most of the part of a healthcare management software is included.

Modules for Pharmacist:

This is important for a hospital that has an internal Pharmacy or medicine shop. A pharmacist can manage all activities regarding daily activities, financial activities, buy-sell, Financial statement or balance sheet, profit loss, etc.

Modules for Receptionist & Representative:

There are also two different modules for Receptionist and Representative. The receptionist module is for maintaining appointments, assigning beds, etc. And the representative feature is for maintaining marketing/marketers activities of the hospital.

Patient Portal:

The patient portal is for the patient or external user of the hospital. It is one of the most important features of our project. If a patient/ person creates an account from the website, or appointed receptionist/doctor he/she will get a unique Patient ID space in the system. Thus, all the information about any patient about giving or taking value to or from the hospital will be stored and transferred throughout the entire system automatically which is ensure you a complete Healthcare management software.

Frontend Features:

The front end feature consists of a responsive website. The website is for propounding doctor schedule and hospital value to the potential customer, getting an online appointment, etc. Besides, the website has great marketing value. It will ensure your online existence.